Me And Where I Came From

I have been debating how much to share about myself on this new blog endeavor. At first I wanted my art to be the focus, but what I have come to realize is that the artist is as important as the art. There is no way to separate the two. That being said, here is a little bit about me and where I came from…

Mom & Dad.

I was not only the first-born child in my family, but also the first-born grandchild. So I had the advantage of having all the attention for the first few years of my life. My Mom always tells the story about her Mom showing up at the hospital for my birth with a trunk full of presents, half of them wrapped up in pink paper and ribbons and the other half wrapped in hues of blue. This way she was prepared to properly welcome me into the world no matter what my gender was to be. Let’s just say I was well-loved.

There are certainly benefits to being the first.

My Father was an amateur photographer. My Mom  jokes he just did it so he could “entertain” girls in his darkroom. I suppose she would know, since she married him. Regardless, my Dad taught my Mom all his photography knowledge and soon the camera was my Mom’s third arm. At times it was to the point of feeling like there were paparazzi following me and my brother around (not that I actually know what that feels like). Note: There are fewer picture of my Mom because she was constantly behind the camera.

My Dad introduced me to junk food. Thanks Dad.

My Father was also the musician in the house. He would sit and play the piano and I would be mesmerized. As I got older I would sing with him. My Dad introduced me to all kinds of music. I attribute much of my musical capabilities to my Dad. I went on to sing in all kinds of choirs and church bands. I currently sing in a 60s cover band in Sacramento.

My Mom doing her part to encourage my musical interests.

 If pinterest existed in my Mother’s heyday she would have been queen. There was always a fun and creative craft happening in my house. That woman can D.I.Y. and party plan like nobody I have seen since. This of course had a huge impact on my ascetic eye. I attribute much of my creativity to my Mother.

My Peacock Halloween costume my Mom made. From scratch.

Music has always been a huge part of my life, as well as the camera (as you can tell by the excessive amount of pictures I was subjected to). Both music and the photography are still very important parts of my life, both vying for my time. There are times when music wins out and times when photography does, but neither ever disappears completely.

Eventually I graduated from College with a Bachelor’s of Art in Photography and a minor in Music. I graduated right into the center of the economic disaster in California. I was lucky enough to find a job working for magazine publication as a graphic designer. I had considered majoring in graphic design while in college and had a years worth of graphic courses under my belt. Although this delayed my graduation it was a huge help for the position. I eventually had to move on to a job that could offer me more hours and stability. I ended up in the Interior Design field this time, where I still reside. I always seem to find myself in a creative field of some sort. Throughout the job changes I have always continued my photography business and my involvement with music. This blog is just an opportunity to share the photography I have been doing.

Family vacation in Bend, OR.

A couple of years after I graduated from college I married William. He is the melody to my rhythm, the aperture to my shutter, and the love of my life.

All Rights Reserved H & Co Photography 2012

All Rights Reserved H & Co Photography 2012

You can check out the awesome work of H & Co Photography here.


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