Down by the Bay

Yesterday my husband and I took a much-needed getaway trip to the coast. We took a scenic drive through wine country and stopped in Petaluma, Ca for some food and a stretch.

My husband and I love Petaluma. We always find ourselves stopping there on our way west if we can help it. We seem to always accidentally stop in on days when there is a large downtown event. As we drove in I saw signs that it was the first farmer’s market of the season.

There was no fresh produce stands to be found. Instead the streets were lined with brightly colored vintage cars. While I had a moment of disappointment it quickly faded and excitement began to rise as we passed street after street, looking for parking, jam-packed full of people and brightly colored machines.

I would tell you what makes, models, and years these cars are, but I have no clue.

Amidst all the excitement we almost lost track of our priorities. Food. My husband quickly located a wonderful cafe called Cordoza’s Deli and Cafe. The atmosphere was open and casual and the food was fresh and delicious. But what really made this place a winner was that I had options. I have a gluten allergy and rarely get the pleasure of walking into a restaurant and having options. It was overwhelming and delightful.

Turkey, bacon, avocado, and the fixin’s on gluten-free bread.

After our stomachs were full we began to roam the packed downtown streets of Petaluma. Here is some of the action…

This is just a Segway into the next portion of this post. Couldn’t resist. Sorry. Kinda.

After our eventful jaunt in Petaluma we headed for the coast. Being the people we are we had not thought through how the late spring would be the perfect weather for a windows down, wind in your hair, singing along with The Weepies kind of drive. We also did not anticipate the lovely colors of late spring dusted along coast line like the sprinkle covered sugar cookies I over indulged in as a child.

We hit every sandy beach we could find from Bodega Bay (which interestingly enough is where Alfred Hitchcock shot several scenes from his famous movie The Birds) all the way down to San Francisco. The drive was absolutely stunning.

This winding highway is not for the faint of stomach.

We ended our trip by driving over the Golden Gate Bridge. As it turns out it is much more orange than I remember.

Bridge Toll


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