Farmer’s Market – Davis, Ca

Yesterday I talked a few friends into joining me at the Davis Farmer’s market. I had my camera over my shoulder and was ready to go. Upon our arrival I quickly realized I had forgotten to get cash. For those that have been to a Farmer’s Market know that going to one without cash is like going to Disneyland, but being a half-inch too short to ride all the rides. Luckily my friend, Allison, had thought ahead and was packing some cash. She agreed to be my Sugar Mama and we were on our way.

I took my camera off my shoulder and turned it on. Nothing. Panic began to set in as all too quickly I saw myself putting the camera battery on the charger the night before where it was still residing. No! I had the beautiful piece of machinery, a colorful Farmer’s Market happening around me, and no power. Immediate frustration rose to the surface. Allison was too tired and too focused on finding coffee to notice my disheartened demeanor.

Allison literally smelled her way to this coffee booth. The girl needs her coffee.

After a few minutes I pulled myself together and realized I had my iPhone. Not ideal. At all. But it was something. As I began to take pictures with my iPhone I began to enjoy myself. I forgot how much I enjoy making pictures, regardless of the machinery. All in all my trip to the Farmer’s Market was a good reminder about what I love about photography.

Here are some of the resulting images from my iPhone. Hope you enjoy.

Giant dog. Allison also has a knack for finding all animals she can pet.


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