Baltic Mountain – The Old Campini Place

Growing up my family would regularly go to our family cabin. It is no luxury cabin.  No electricity. No phone signals. No heating or air conditioning. It was originally the home of our ancestors who came to California to mine for gold. They owned a large piece of land up between Pollock Pines, CA and Grizzly Flats, CA. The cabin is located on a large meadow and sits two stories high. It is red, of course, because what other color can an old cabin be?

Growing up in the red dirt and pine cones of the cabin was an absolute blast. My personal favorite was catching lizards. My uncle taught me how to make a “lizard leash” or lizard catching device out of a long piece of dried up grass from the meadow. I remember regularly naming them “French Fry”. I really liked french fries.

Please be assured that all the lizards were let go. Although a few of them accidentally lost their tails. Thankfully those grow back.

My Uncle and I. No lizards were harmed in the making of this photo.

Among hiking up to lookout point on Baltic Peak, and playing games by lantern light in the evening, one of my family’s favorite things to do is target shoot up at the cabin. We sit up on the porch and shoot out into the large meadow.  Recently my Husband and I took a bunch of friends up for the weekend. There were a few gun fanatics in the group so there was plenty of ammo to go around.

Not to worry, we found this mouse dead. We did not kill it.

There is so much rich history at our family cabin that I was too young to appreciate growing up, but I love discovering things about it now. I recently came across an online record of my great Uncle George Campini talking about the family mine named Beebe Mine. I have fond memories of my Great-Great Aunt Mary up at the cabin picking flowers. She lived to be 103 years old and the cabin was one of her favorite place to be too.

Great-Great Aunt Mary


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