Dale Chihuly

A few years ago I had the pleasure of attending a museum showing the work of Dale Chihuly in San Francisco, Ca. If you have never heard of Chihuly, I recommend checking him out. He is a glass artist out of Tacoma, Washington. His work is big, organic, and vibrant. Chihuly’s glass sculptures are as diverse and unique as deep-sea creatures, which is what I believe makes his work so engaging.

Here are some images I took at the museum. Just to be clear, I did not alter the color on the below photographs. Chihuly’s work is just that vibrantly colored!

There is a Chihuly sculpture much like this one located on the second floor of the Joe Serna Jr. EPA building in downtown Sacramento.

So vibrant.

My favorite part about Chihuly’s work is how the colorful glass plays with the light. It is really stunning.


The light spilling through the glass bowl and onto the wall reminds me of a beautiful tree…or a sci-fi brain scan from the future.


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