Breaking the Silence – Denios Market

I realize I have been quiet on the blog front. There have been some big and exciting opportunities on the horizon. But more on that later.

Today my Husband and I joined our friends Lindsay and Andrew for our first ever experience with Denio’s Farmers Market & Swap Meet. And, oh, was it an experience. The only way to describe it was one giant flea market/garage sale with the added bonus of a farmers market. An odd combination really.

Like any flea market or garage sale, the “goods” (a term applied loosely in this case) where mostly junk. However we ran into a few gems such as…

Who knew Nike made roller skate shoes? Oh and they sparkle. Win win.

Old Singer Sewing Machine

Apparently you can buy pets at the flea market too. The very idea of buying a pet at the flea market seems very unappealing.

There were lots of interesting sites to be seen.

Hats for sale!

Lions and the lion tamer.

A very confusing sign.

Apparently Denio’s has been around for over 60 years. So expect a few things to be a bit dusty. But seriously, it is worth a visit if you are in the area, but the odds of me returning are slim to none. Happy Weekend!


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