Flow Chart – No Excuses November

A good friend of mine, Allison Baker, started a group in early November called No Excuses November (NoExNo). The concept was pretty simple, yet challenging: set a goal and accomplish it sans excuses. What started as a fairly small group of us turned into a large movement in Sacramento.

During the course of the month different participants would submit short write ups about their experiences (usually of a motivating nature) and those would get sent out via email and Facebook. Near the end of the month I was talking to Allison about how NoExNo was going to wrap up. We were joking about the pendulum swing back to excuses that may occur for participants in December. Somewhere in that conversation an idea for a flow chart to wrap up the month was proposed. I was volunteered to create said flow chart. Here was the result.

NoExNo Flow Chart


As you can see from the NoExNo Blog, there is a new project in the works for December call the Warm+Fuzzy Project. I am currently working on the postcard design for this project.

– A


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